Fairfield County Home Staging Services

What is Home Staging? How can it help you sell your Fairfield County home quicker and easier?

Before you can stage a home for sale, you need to actively prepare it.

Fairfield County homeowners: Preparing a home for sale is an arduous task and ideally should start at least 6 months before you call a realtor, starting with home staging. When the realtor sees your home already prepared and staged, you can expect a higher market analysis.

I can help you simplify this process by preparing a detailed Home Staging project plan that includes packing, cleaning, repairs, modernizing, painting, etc. Not only does this Home Staging investment prepare the home to be attractive to the broadest range of potential buyers, but it helps it sell quickly and for more money.

Home Staging is a process to merchandise a home for potential demographic buyers by creating emotional connection points.

An average investment of 1-3% of the home’s asking price will generate an 8-10% return in the sale price of the home (National Association of Realtors). A professionally staged home spends 73% less time on the market (Real Estate Staging Association).

By finding the beautiful focal points in each room, I will emphasize what you love about the rooms and hide or distract from the negative aspects of the rooms. We’ll depersonalize the space while retaining the warmth and fun of photos. My goal is to create with warmth, scale, harmony, and cohesion an emotional appeal so the buyer can imagine or aspire to how life could be in the house for their family. When a house feels like home, buyers will be more flexible about their “must have” list.

By using redesign, I can help both buyers and sellers envision themselves in a new home. First impressions are made within 15-30 seconds, so great curb appeal and front door approach is imperative. A neat and organized home is viewed by the buyer as well cared for. The opposite is also true.

My goal is to help homeowners disassociate themselves from the home they are selling and concentrate on how great their next home will be. Once the home is ready for listing, I believe in creating a personalized “20 minute” plan that allows the home owner to prepare for every showing.

The Home Staging consultation will consist of a complete walk through of your home starting at the curb. I will prepare a detailed report room by room that describes what needs to be done to get the home ready to sell for the best price.

Are you a Fairfield County home owner looking to relocate and put your home on the market? You only get once change to make a great first impression.  Let’s talk Home Staging! Connect with Susan today.

Fairfield County Home Staging

A Note to Real Estate Agents:

Partnering with a Professional Home Stager adds credibility to your business, value to your listing and results in a faster more profitable home sale.  Home Staging will make it easier for you to market and sell your listings because your MLS photos will be more enticing and attract more buyers.  95% of all home buyers are using the internet to find a home.

Before listing a home, have us complete a walk through consultation and develop a plan that focuses on easy transformations (furniture arrangement or color choices), return on investment and budget considerations.  The cost of preparing the home for sale is much less than a price reduction.  Let us help your clients!  You only get once chance to make a great first impression.