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[NEED REVISED TEXT HERE] Fairfield County residents: Your journey to Interior Design and Home Staging bliss all starts with your complimentary 30 minute design conversation, available for all Fairfield County, CT residents and businesses. At this stage in the interior design process, we will discover what your needs are in the area of Interior Redesign, Interior Design (what’s the difference?), or Home Staging and for us to provide some immediate suggestions. The next step is that you hire us for an in-home design consultation to create a project plan and budget for your interior design. The scope of your interior redesign, interior design, or home staging project will determine the length of the consultation, usually 2-3 hours. Our goal is finding the most economical solution to fit your lifestyle, whether you are designing to live or staging to sell.

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Fairfield County Interior Redesign for Residential Clients

We will create a plan that reimagines your home! This design plan can then be implemented in stages, all at once, with our continued assistance, or even by yourself. Beyond your immediate needs, is a larger context for living a gracious life. Let us help you think outside the box in redesigning your interior.

How is Interior Redesign a great alternative to traditional Interior Design? 

Redesign is different from Interior Design in that it starts with what you already own and love, and then adds to it. Unlike Interior Design, Redesign identifies the very personal in order to create a home that is designed to your style, color, patterns, photographs, and so on.

I believe that successful interior redesign is the art of using organization and decorating techniques to create an environment that is comfortable, stress free, beautiful and unique to you, so you can say, “I love and feel at home in each room of my house.” Read more about the differences between Interior Design and Interior Redesign

Thinking of hiring a Fairfield Interior Design company? You may want to consider Interior Redesign as a cost effective, streamlined alternative to reimagine your home! Fairfield County area residents: Contact us to schedule your free 30-minute consultation! 

What is Interior Redesign? Learn more about Redesign services. 

Fairfield County, CT Interior Design and Home Staging Services