Fairfield Home Staging Series: Step 2 to Prepare your Home for Sale

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Welcome to Step 2 of our Fairfield Home Staging Blog Series. Today we will discuss ways to de-clutter your home to increase probability of a quicker sale. Thank you to our Fairfield Home Staging Blog Series followers, and stay tuned for Step 3!

Depersonalize and minimize your presence: Remove family photos, personal items, nic nacs, decorations and lighten up bookshelves. It’s harder for someone to imagine themselves living there if they’re looking at pictures of your family. Anything religious should be removed as well because not everyone is religious or is the same religion as you. Remove all toiletries from showers/vanity tops, toilet bowl cleaners/brushes and extra rolls of toilet paper.  No towels or bathrobes should be hanging in bathroom. Home Staging does not have to be difficult, but keep in mind personal areas like Kitchen and Bathrooms! A house for sale does not usually need as much furniture as a house you are living in. Get rid of unnecessary furniture, and anything that can be stored until after closing. This will help your house look larger, cleaner and ready for a new owner. Your home should look somewhat “unlived” in. Buyers have a hard time imagining themselves in a home if it is covered in someone else’s stuff- that’s why I stress the importance of professional home staging! Buyers want to imagine they are buying a new home. If buyers can’t tell whether or not you live there, you’ve done your job well. The de-personalization of your house is one of the top 10 critical steps to take before listing your home for sale writes Andrew Fortune, of GreatColoradoHomes.com

A key component of our stance on professional home staging is neutralizing wall paint colors: Buyers want move in condition with neutral paint colors not a pink bathroom, an orange kitchen or purple bedroom. Even if they are your favorite colors, they may not appeal to everyone. Go neutral and appeal to the maximum number of buyers with your color choices. Neutral does not have to be gray. The color you choose should complement your decor. There are many creams and beiges that would work. I do many color consults for home staging and am able to pick a color to paint throughout your house.

And finally, I can  not stress the importance of erasing evidence of pets in home staging! You need to make it look like you never had a pet if at all possible. New buyers will smell the smells and notice the fur, stains, and wreckage left behind by your animal. If they are allergic to animals, they will not buy your house if they notice major evidence of dogs or cats. Do whatever it takes to eliminate these signs, including shampooing or replacing carpet, repairing sod and fences and keeping the dog at a friend’s house during showings.


Thanks for reading Step 2 of our Fairfield Home Staging Blog Series.  Stay tunes for more articles! 


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