Fairfield Interior Design Series: Color Trends for 2017


Fairfield Interior Design Series: Color Trends for 2017 and how to incorporate them into your home.

Welcome back to our Fairfield Interior Design Blog Series. Today we will discuss color trends in 2017. Thank you to our Fairfield Interior Design Blog Series followers, and stay tuned for our next post!

In the interior design world, the word trend is defined as “current style or preference”. Color trends change each year and many of my Fairfield interior design clients ask me how to stay current in their decorating choices. Each year there is a new “color of the year” pertaining to interior design. Keep in mind, just because it’s a trend, doesn’t mean you have to like it and incorporate into your Fairfield interior design and décor.

Fairfield interior design company gray colorsFairfield interior design gurus: Have a passion for what’s current? For 2017, Navy is the new black and satin brass is all the rage. This does not mean the old bright brass is back in style nor do you have to paint all your black furniture navy blue. Neutrals are becoming warmer with beiges, browns, and creams. This I find a relief since I am so tired of the “shades of gray”. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good gray color but too many people were painting their walls gray and it just didn’t match with their décor. It became the realtor’s choice of color for every home on the market and looked ridiculous with the furnishings. Blush pink is the new neutral. This is not Pepto-Bismol pink. It is a soft, warm pink with a cast of peach that looks great with grays, browns and creams. Camel is being brought back as an accent color in walls, furniture, textiles or accent pieces.

There is an interest in the psychology of color and accent hues are being used to inspire different moods, from joy to productivity. Not sure why this is a new trend since color has always has meaning and emotion. Red pumps the adrenaline and can stimulate appetite, hence all the red dining rooms. Orange signified enthusiasm, creativity and warmth. Yellow is welcoming, sunny, bright and enthusiastic. Green represents nature and can be tranquil, restful and balancing. The Pantone color of 2017 is green and we are seeing fairfield-interior-design-pinkmany shades of it including lime green. Blues are connected to both sky and water and are associated with clear thinking as well as calm, meditative environments. Purple is associated with luxury, wealth, sophistication, romance and royalty.

Fairfield interior design enthusiasts: How do you stay current with your décor? Considering most people redecorate a room every 10-15 years, I always recommend to clients to keep the larger, more expensive pieces in a room in a neutral color. This includes the furniture, flooring (carpet, wood or tile), and wall paint. Then I add color with accessory pieces like pillows, throws, and accent pieces. This way you can change out these less expensive pieces if you want to incorporate the current color trends. With Home Goods only a short drive away, you can add fun, trendy elements to any room without breaking the bank.



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