Fairfield Interior Design Series: Step #1 in Preparing Your Home for Sale

Welcome to our Fairfield Interior Design Blog Series! Today, we will talk about the #1 tip to prepare your Fairfield County, CT home for sale! It all starts with a touch of interior design and staging!

I believe that preparing a home for sale should happen at least 6 months before you call a realtor. If you contact your realtor after you’ve done this preparation you’ll most likely get a higher listing price.

Step one is clean, clean, and clean!  Your home should sparkle on the inside and out.  Scrub and polish every nook and cranny.  Great news is there are so many wonderful Fairfield area cleaning servies available to give you some help. Just check Yelp here. Buyers in the Fairfield County region will then view a clean home as well cared for. This includes the basement, attic, and garage as well. Even your own furniture should be cleaned and items arranged nicely (i.e. China cabinet). Every drawer, cabinet and closet should be cleaned, organized and thinned out. Now is the time to get rid of old or unused items instead of packing them. If there are things you want to keep, pack them away to make the spaces look bigger. There should be no junk drawers!  Potential buyers will open all the drawers and cabinets. You want them to imagine themselves living in such a clean and organized home. (They are probably coming from chaos and clutter). Think about the above tips, and give us a call if you are seeing professional advice from a Fairfield interior design company. We’ll be there for you!

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Moving on to windows, fixtures, bathrooms, etc: Windows and window sills should be thoroughly cleaned. If sills are wood, paint them. If they are not, scrub with Barkeepers friend. Screens should be cleaned and replaced if torn or rusty. Remember to clean your front door. Most people rarely use the front door and forget that the cobwebs and bugs have taken residence. A fresh coat of paint on the front door goes a long way, along with a new welcome mat.

There should be no moldy caulk in bathrooms. Recaulk if necessary. There should also be no soap scum in the shower.  The tiles should sparkle.  A new shower liner and simple white shower curtain is a must. Barkeepers friend works great to get rid of stains on porcelain sink, tub and toilet. Need a Fairfield area painting service? Why not check Angie’s List?

Power Wash the house, walkways, patio or deck. If paint is peeling, fix it. No one wants to see mold on a house or walkway. Clean the outside lights and replace dead bulbs. Invisible glass works great on the glass. If your mailbox is dented, rusted or dirty, you can clean and paint or replace. The post should be freshly painted also.

The garage should show as a garage, not a storage or junk area. Organize it so cars can be parked and clean out the bugs and leaves. I would even go so far as painting the walls and ceiling if it looks really haggard. At least hose down the floor.

As you work your way through each room, think about what you could start packing such as seasonal clothes or sports equipment. Remember, the more you do now, the faster you will sell and the easier the move.


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Stay tuned for Step 2.